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Bichamp's invention won the Chinese Patent Excellence Award.

Release time: 2023-05-22

On the 24th China Patent Award Selection, Bichamp’ s exclusive patent <Bi-metal bandsaw blades precision tooth welding technology> has been honoured with the “China Excellence Patent Award” by China National Intellectual Property Administration. The China Patent Award Selection is co-organized by CNIPA and WIPO, which is the highest honour in the field of patents in China.


This award-winning project mainly involved the core technology of Bichamp high-end product carbide tipped bandsaw blade - precision resistance welding, which is precision and steady welding of carbide and spring steel these completely different materials together. This technology conquered the bottleneck technology of carbide band saw blade production in China, has achieved the import substitution of sawing technology, and continuously promotes the progress of sawing technology in China.