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Sawing Division 10th Scientific and Technological Achievement Award Conference

Release time: 2023-06-10

On the afternoon of June 15, ten scientific and technological innovations, such as "PVD Coating Key Technology for Band Saw Blade for High-Speed and High-Efficiency Sawing," were honored at the 10th Scientific and Technological Achievement Award Conference of Sawing and Cutting Division of Bichamp Company.

The scientific and technological achievements of 12 scientific and technical achievements involve new product technology, quality improvement, process optimization, equipment transformation, software system development, and other fields. After the company's scientific and technological achievements award expert review, senior management review and publicity, and other ten links, which lasted nearly two months, a total of 1 excellence award, three pioneering awards, four innovation awards, and two winning awards were selected.

These ten achievements are the outstanding representatives of the landmark achievements and breakthrough progress made by Bichamp's sawing business segment in recent years, aiming at the pain points of difficult-to-cut materials, major key technological bottlenecks and technological breakthroughs in new products, etc., and making every effort to promote independent innovation, and focusing on strengthening the critical core technologies and the transformation and application of scientific and technological innovations into a vivid practice.