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What will the Power Division do in the second half of the year?

Release time: 2023-07-10

On July 8, Bichamp Power Division held the 2023 Semi-Annual Business Work Conference in Luoding Astec, with the theme of "Grasp Pragmatism, Increase Confidence, and Focus on Learning" to earnestly summarize the work of the first half of the year, find out the problems in the development, and deploy the key work in the second half of the year.

The meeting pointed out that in the face of the complex and severe domestic and international environment in the first half of the year, under the empowerment and support of Bichamp, and with the unremitting efforts of the team, the power supply business unit coordinates and grasps the internal control management and business development, and is strong and persists in the layout, and spares no effort to promote the construction of three bases in Guangdong Luoding base, Dongguan Xiegang in Guangdong, and Dongguan Dalingshan in Guangdong, and continues to stabilize the primary business of power supply products for consumer electronics, and accelerates the layout of new energy photovoltaic power supply, energy storage products, etc. With the new energy photovoltaic power supply, energy storage products, and other new businesses, profitability is steady and sound, the team management level has been dramatically improved, and hard-won achievements have been made. In the year's second half, the Power Supply Division should further adjust the business structure, strengthen market development, and strive to promote strategic planning and annual tasks from grasping pragmatism, increasing self-confidence, and emphasizing learning.