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Semi-Annual Meeting of Sawing Division

Release time: 2023-07-10

On the afternoon of July 10th, the first half-year business meeting of the Sawing and Cutting Division of Bichamp was held at the Changsha base. The discussion centered on the theme of "Focus on customer demand and enhance market competitiveness," summarized and reviewed the first half of 2023 business data and work completion, and focused on the development of the second half of the critical work from the three aspects of the product, channel, and service, to enhance the competitiveness of the industry further.

The meeting introduced the main business operation of the Sawing Division in the first half of 2023, summarized and put forward the existing problems and countermeasures, and explained the budget targets for the year's second half. The four systems of marketing, R&D, manufacturing, and management backstage of Changsha base, as well as Jiangsu Meitesen, reported the first half-year operation data and critical work completion, planned the second half-year work plan, and clarified the specific measures in products, channels, and services.