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Welcome to the 5G Era


Redefine 5G Era Speed Charge
In 5G era, Mobile solution requires ultra-fast speeds and powerful cooling to handle high voltage and high temperatures resulting from speed charge. While maintaining compatibility with next generation leading-edge features. To meet these challenges, Astec combines GaN with PD3.1 speed charge solution, which is 1.2 times faster than previous generation solution.


Energy Efficient and Reliable Performance
Demand for large-capacity batteries for smart devices such as mobile phone and tablets, gave rise to 100W and 240W PD 3.0. In terms of performance, they not only meet the needs for speed charge, but also charge multiple devices at the same time.


Wireless Charge Breakthrough
Next-generation charging goes far beyond speed charge. From miniaturization and portable to providing wireless charging, electric energy is transmitted from power supply equipment to device through electromagnetic induction and resonance technology. The breakthrough advantage for wireless charging: waterproof, avoiding wear and tear of the wiring port. After breakthroughs in charging efficiency, cost, and device compatibility, wireless charging solutions will be widely used in the consumer electronics industry.